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Our team at Topping Capital is passionate about helping business owners on their path to success.  We understand the challenges and emotional toil of growing a start up into something spectacular because that is the road we have taken since 1998.   Whether a start up, work out, or an established growing business we bring a multitude of resources to help you find “escape velocity” and put “risk” in your rear view mirror.  We add strategic value in capital strategy, personnel and team build, revenue generation and other professional services to help you navigate "death valley" (trap of friends and family to institutional round and/or positive cash flow) and send you on your way to bigger and better things.  

Chris Hacker and Steve Hargraves, Founders at ShortTrack

 “Topping Capital has been a key part of our growth since the beginning. They have a sharp understanding of what it takes to be a startup and how to approach founder conversation. Not only were they supportive through our early "figuring it out" years, but they also lead the way in raising capital, allowing us to have the space to create a great company.”  
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