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We provide clients with unique access and opportunity to alternative assets in early stage venture capital, real estate and hedge funds.  We pride ourselves on early identification of investment opportunities independent of market cycles and finding win-win solutions for both investors and management teams. Our business model is "TheNew40" disrupting the traditional stocks-bonds 60-40 allocation model.

Who is Topping Capital?
Topping Capital plays a central role in the alternatives ecosystem by creating a two-sided market between investors (high net worth individuals, family offices, PE and VC firms) and businesses. We provide investors with unprecedented access and early identification of unique, and often exclusive, investment opportunities and act as long-term strategic partners to small and growing businesses.
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Early Stage Venture
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Hedge Funds
Why do investors choose Topping Capital?
Much of the challenge investors face is not only identifying the next best investment opportunity, but creating proper investment structures that allow for de-risking of committed capital while capturing upside returns. Our team has many years of experience structuring bespoke investment opportunities across both public and private markets with a dedicated network of partners and expert advisors. Most importantly we offer unfettered - often times exclusive - access to investment opportunities in real estate, early stage venture and hedge funds beyond the visibility of traditional wealth managers.  If you're an investor who wants to learn about investment opportunities, Contact Us.
Why do businesses choose Topping Capital?

We have earned a stellar reputation as to the ability to launch companies from “death valley” to institutional pedigree.  These companies are well beyond idea and product phase and are typically at an “inflection point” trapped between friends and family seed investments and institutional sponsorship.  Whether we're helping to build out a team, evaluating capital strategy, business development, or other professional services, companies come to us because they know we can reduce risk and accelerate growth. If you are a startup or growth company that could benefit from a partnership with us, Contact Us.

We are believers in freeform and unconstrained investing that is totally opportunistic and unbiased to the greatest opportunity. We are not only a differentiated business model that embraces both public and private market opportunities but leverages its affiliations and strategic partners to create significant deal flow and pricing leverage.


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