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Opportunistic, Maneuverable, Low correlation

What is Freeform?

Freeform is a maneuverable “go anywhere” investment philosophy in a Nu40 world. Our business model sits at the epicenter of public and private markets and business owners seeking strategic and added value partners. We are opportunistic and agnostic to a style box, asset type, or industry category and pride ourselves on structuring solutions and finding opportunities independent of economic and market cycles. We believe a low-correlated portfolio of niche hedge fund strategies coupled with "moment in time thematics," and privately held emerging stage growth companies, creates stability in returns while providing "liquidity" through the ability to efficiently redeploy capital on exit events. Our mission and objective is early identification of opportunities specific to the 5% to 30% of portfolio construction independent, and compartmentalized away from, market and economic outcome. Nowhere was this more relevant than in 2022 when bonds recorded their worst annual performance ever and stocks one of the worst years ever. Topping Capital reimagines the traditional 60-40 portfolio to a #Nu40 but we are not a wealth manager.

Freeform Objective


Build a portfolio of niche hedge fund strategies coupled with investments in privately held emerging stage growth companies and/or businesses to create a more "liquid," low-correlated fund than traditional venture funds.


Our opinion is the "sweet spot" of opportunity is in private valuations, and/or equity needs, of $2M to $12M (direct) and managers (funds) of $25M to $125M.


Harvest and redeploy capital on exit events. 

Freeform Model

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